What is Stewardship Agriculture? Care of the land (particularly the soil), care of the people who tend the soil, and care of the communities in which these people live.

Why become a Stewardship Shareholder?

Direct Farm Connection - purchasers of shares have a direct connection to Vilicus Farms and their active implementation of stewardship agriculture in the Golden Triangle in Montana. This is not like buying carbon credits where you are likely to never have a direct connection to people doing the work of sequestration. Our goal is to engage with, and involve our stewardship shareholders as much as possible, we are all in this together!

Expansive Community - Stewardship Service shareholders are part of a global human community that cares deeply about enabling agriculture that focuses on biodiversity, land stewardship and care of people. We are an international network building an economy rooted in love, where farms are acknowledged for their role in creating, and nurturing our ecological community on behalf of our human community.

Risk Sharing - The cumulative funding from the purchase of stewardship shares offset the farm’s need to borrow operating capital to implement stewardship activities and ensure a base stable income for the farm. Additionally purchases of shares assure that stewardship activities can be implemented regardless of the income of crop production. Stable income is much like a long-term land lease. It allows farmers to make additional investments in soil building, staffing, equipment, and other infrastructure to assure the long-term viability of the work of implementing stewardship agriculture.

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