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Vilicus Farms Internship Opportunities

Here is a listing of our current internship opportunities. We have a brief description of each position as well as Work Expectations and Education

It is important to stress that both internship position will be required to step in and help execute the duties of the farm as need demands. There is no difference in pay for the different internships, the difference in work focus should reflect the interests of the applicants.

Available Internship Opportunities


The intern will be given broad exposure to many aspects of our farm through their work: tractor operation first and foremost, some trucking as skill allows, organic weed management, facilities management and upkeep, vehicle and equipment maintenance and upkeep.


Intern will be focused on soil sampling, crop scouting and the record-keeping therein. Relevant practical application for academic study of soils and or agronomy/plant science.

Work Expecation and Education

Interns will be expected to work 6 days a week, with the day off being scheduled at the beginning of the internship. Days off are flexible and can be banked up in order to take multiple days off at a stretch as work conditions allow. Depending on the season, Interns can expect to work 40-60 hours a week in middle of the summer, 60-80 hours a week in the height of planting or harvest season. Some of the work can be physically demanding. Interns should be capable of spending many hours outside at a stretch, capable of lifting fifty pounds, and have a valid drivers license.

Internships provide learning and educational opportunities through an experiential framework. Interns will work alongside full-time staff of the farm and in close cooperation with the Farm Operations Foreman. Interns will establish some goals at the beginning of the internship which they will develop a plan to achieve in cooperation with the Foreman. The library of the farm will be freely available to interns. The Agronomy and Plant Science intern will have specific and focused opportunities to develop the skills within those areas in cooperation with Doug and Anna, the owner-operators.


If you are interested in an internship with us as Vilicus Farms, please send and email introducing yourself and your interest to the Internship Coordinator at: [email protected]

You can learn more about these positions at: https://www.farmlinkmontana.org/intern_host/931/